Is Yoga for you?

Is Yoga right for you?

The only way to find out if Yoga is right for  you is DO IT!

To be honest, it took me some time before I finally realized the benefit I got from Yoga. I was trying hard to concentrate and would just not be able to do so. My mind would be somewhere else, while I was doing Yoga Asanas. I just kept on going. I started with a little daily routine of the Sun Salutation in the morning. The days when I had very little time, I would just do a few sets. Other days, I would take advantage and do more and afterwards sit down to listen to the silence, observing my busy mind’s thoughts coming and going. I guess, when I stopped criticizing myself for not being able to concentrate the way I thought I should is when I started really benefiting from Yoga. Now, I do my little routine and automatically focus on something different every day – just what I need, without planning or thinking about it.

To start Yoga you definitely want to go to Yoga classes. Choose a class where you feel comfortable with the location, the instructor and the people. There are lots of them. Have the instructor correct you and practice by yourself to get into it!

Yoga helps me to stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit, flexible and tuned in. It gives me strength in every sense.

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