Why learn Yoga?

When I visited a children’s foster home in Vijayawada in 2007 I found Swami Bhakti Chaitanya in 5 km walking distance on the countryside in the middle of nowhere. So I went to meet him to ask him if he would teach me Yoga. He asked me: “Why do you want to learn Yoga?” I told him, I would like to stay physically fit and mentally relaxed, I wanted to be in balance and align body, mind and soul. I want peace, and not be affected so easily by external situations or people. So he said “Come back tomorrow at 6”. He meant 6AM. I cancelled my hiking trip and decided to stay the full 5 weeks right there, off tourist trails, where I found these precious gifts: children teaching me what life is about and a master teaching me how to deal with it.

So every day I got up at 5AM and walked over the fields to the humble Ashram -except the time he was gone to the Himalayas to meet with his masters. People lived in tents made of bent sticks, covered by plastic and pooped right there aside the asphalted street in the early morning. That’s how they do it there.

At the beginning he taught me a very basic yoga exercise (see video below). He said this was the base to keep fit, strong and flexible. Then he added some pranayama breathing exercises and taught me yogic lifestyle. I remember shifting from external perception to internal observation of what was going on. He also had me do cleansing rituals with salt water every day for weeks that I should continue doing once a week for months. Ever since, I practice those simple exercises almost every morning. It became a ritual that keeps me peaceful, strong and balanced.

If you consider learning Yoga, it makes sense to ask yourself, why you want to learn yoga and what you want to get from it, in order to find the right teacher!

If you are looking to train your body only, you can do that and you will find yoga teachers, that teach the physical fitness part only. If you are looking for a deeper experience, you will find the right teacher. As long as your intention is clear, you will feel clearly what resonates with you and what doesn’t. This video is made to give you an idea of how a start can look like. It does not replace a teacher. Find a yoga instructor that suits your needs and goals to get started properly by checking out different classes at places you are attracted to. You will quickly notice very clearly what is for you and what not. Enjoy your path xxx

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