Are You Being HONEST?

When things don’t feel right, there is a reason for it. You don’t need to look outside, but inside…      Are your thoughts, emotions and actions in conflict? Did you get lost somewhere on the way? Time to return! It’s alright to make an error or lie to yourself in a state of low awareness.Continue reading “Are You Being HONEST?”

Love what you do!

Check it out: when you love what you do you, you are more successful since you enjoy the activity and have a very good chance to experience flow. What if I hate washing the dishes? (This was me). I hated washing the dishes. As a child it was my ob to dry the dishes dayContinue reading “Love what you do!”


short story: Wise minister used to say to King “Everything is for our good” every time whether it is happiness or sorrow. Refreshing his sword skills he accidentially cut his little finger. “Everything is for ourgood”minister says. Angry king puts him in jail. Again “Everything is for our good”. A few days later hunting inContinue reading “EVERYTHING IS FOR OUR GOOD.”