short story: Wise minister used to say to King “Everything is for our good” every time whether it is happiness or sorrow. Refreshing his sword skills he accidentially cut his little finger. “Everything is for ourgood”minister says. Angry king puts him in jail. Again “Everything is for our good”. A few days later hunting in the woods he gets kept Kali wanting to sacrifice a full man to the Goddess. In the last minute the chief change of mint: he lacks a finger, he is not full. They release him. King remembers minister’s words and runs home to rescue minister from execution, begging pardon. Minister responds if he had not been put in prison, he should have accompanied the king to the forest. The tribals should have sacrificed him (the minister) since he has all the limbs and that’s how it was good for him too. Everything is for the good, if we like it or not ;)))

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