Balanced for the winter season

When days get shorter we get less light and less outdoors activity. Science has shown that even 15 minutes outdoors walks a day can make a severe difference in your emotional wellbeing during the winter season. For those who  have a tendency for winter depression, suffer easily from mood swings in the cold season or [...]

Recipe to move more and eat less

Recipe to Eat less and Move more - how to move from knowing to applying with Walking Meditation- fun, easy, effective.

Take a break!

Take a break regularly! Even 5 minutes is better than nothing. Why not allow yourself to enjoy 5 Minutes outside, relax your mind and refresh the system? You may go for a little walk and stretch your legs. Your body will be grateful on the long term.

Walking for Creativity

Need an idea? Go out into the nature and keep on Walking until your mind calms down. When you no longer search for the idea and get totally peaceful and quiet inside, this is when ideas tend to show up.