Balanced for the winter season

When days get shorter we get less light and less outdoors activity. Science has shown that even 15 minutes outdoors walks a day can make a severe difference in your emotional wellbeing Imageduring the winter season. For those who  have a tendency for winter depression, suffer easily from mood swings in the cold season or simply lack motivation, a 15 minute walk can be the answer to self-direct their wellbeing responsibly.

Also, watch what you eat! Obviously, there are mood food habits that are rather harming your wellbeing than giving the expected benefit such as sugar, flour or high animal fat based foods.

A real treat for your wellbeing is supplying your body with local fresh fruit and vegetable. Give it a try for a week or two and notice the difference! Fresh fruit with oats in the morning or sautéed veggies with a raw tomato and avocado aside or experimenting with veggie stews can make you feel energized and fit.

Also, the preparation with LOVE (!!!) is important! If you take your time, cutting, preparing, placing the table and enjoy the taste of your creation, rather than mindlessly eating while watching TV or reading the paper you get a totally different experience from a veggie dish.

Time to take care of yourself xxx

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