Choose Happiness!

What does your Happiness depend on?

Research says 10% circumstantial, 50% constitutional and 40% Life practices. That means 40% that you can determine yourself!

Imagine you can change your overall happiness by learning AND PRACTICING new life skills such as Relaxation and Awareness techniques, Walking Meditation, Chi Kung that allow you to change attitude and internal dialog towards forgiveness, gratitude and loving kindness. Making these rituals part of your daily life, they will become part of you and change your experience of life. That is what Life Coaching is all about. happy familyCheck out this video on Happiness!

PS: My personal story forced me to discover these techniques: I ran a company and had two small children. My business mind never stopped. Always on duty, no “free time” causes a lot of stress, so after a few years, I experienced burn-out. No light at the end of the tunnel. Divorce and cancer followed. The doctor said I needed to come to the hospital right away, next week might be too late, a real wake-up call, especially for a young mother of two. That was 15 years ago. I changed my mind/habits, and am very passionate about changing oneself, so I made this change a mission to share with others since then. The real good news is, that change can be really easy, exiting and fun!

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