Feel Happy!

What is truly important for you? Really important? Take a few minutes to contemplate!

And what would be your non-fear-based answer?

Let’s take happiness. What if happiness is a choice? External factors are not what most determines wether people are happy or not. At least this is the conclusion after reading world statistics on happiness. People in poor countries seem to have a higher degree of happiness than in “first world” countries. Maybe we just haven’t learned how to be happy. My theory is that we are trained to be efficient and goal oriented. Our focus is on reaching future goals. Once goals are reached we barely celebrate and look for the next goal, problem to solve or challenge. On the way, we stubbornly will not relax until we are done and tend to miss the whole path like walking without seeing.

I coached clients who were super-stressed or hated their job and were living a poor quality of life, making big money working towards their retirement while treating their bodies and minds poorly. To make it a bit easier goodies such as alcohol to relax and forget or sweets and excessive food in general serves as fake motivation. This helps to ignore how one really feels. It also makes sick, mentally and physically. Imagine the acidity in a body that copes with mostly negative emotions and eats mostly acid foods, plus coffee and alcohol. The only response possible is for the body to get sick and scream: STOP IT! Instead of changing the world around, it makes sense to change from inside out. You may change job, country, partner, but still run the same routines of unconscious choices, lack of healthy habits, burning yourself out and never learning to connect with your true self. Do you think stress is keeping you from being happy? Read here how stress works and that it is actually a good thing! How you deal with stress is a choice. If you don’t know how to change your stress response, get support! Check out Yoga or Tai Chi classes, book a Personal Coach for a few months or learn Walking Meditation in only 2 sessions with a Coach on site or on Skype to discover your inner voice, your Guru inside while walking.  Imagine you wake up in the morning and open your eyes as if you had no expectations, able to turn off the monkey mind and be present. Imagine you see for the first time and you actually observe and feel, rather than think about the future or past all the time. Imagine you learn a few easy ways to be present in the moment, learn deep breathing and how to relax in a healthy way. Imagine the little effort it would take to fulfill your duties, if there was no resistance inside of you such as monkey mind chatting “I hate this, I don’t really want this, I should, I would rather, I must, blablabla”. Finally, imagine how you would feel if you empowered yourself to make healthy choices everyday with ease and fun? If happiness was a decision? What if there were no excuses to be unhappy or depressed other than, this is just unconscious habit?

Please support your fellow readers and share your concerns, any “yes, but”‘s, or helpful hints to inspire the rest of us!!! Thank you 🙂

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