Feeling is Ok

In our culture many of us were trained and expected to look good and be controlled and joyful. Just don’t look sad, don’t get angry and under no circumstances show signs of fear or anxiety. What bullshit we try to live up to! It takes conscious awareness of our feelings and a safe space for open communication to establish good relationships. Nothing we learned…

Becoming vulnerable and showing up as you really are instead of faking the cool chick or the untouchable dude is brave and big in my eyes! The alternative can be hiding our true self or running away like an unprotected child, ending up in repetitive cycles or compulsive behaviour.

Imagine …

Imagine, you get out of the cloud of confusion and see clearly now: you are not your habitual thoughts and feelings, not the idea you have of yourself, nor yesterday’s picture of yourself! And all of a sudden you find peace within. In this clarity and peace you enjoy the moment – no more hiding or distracting. Imagine!


All over the place they talk about change starting from within. Is it that simple shift from escaping what you feel to daring to face your inner world that makes the whole difference? Worth an experiment! No, it’s not necessarily easy, but sounds simple. You might need a friend, a person of confidence or a professional who holds space safe while you explore “potentially dangerous” grounds of possibly highly uncomfortable and maybe very old emotions. And it’s not a step, more of a process or an adventurous lifestyle. Sounds cool?

Thank you!

For daring to show up as you really are/ feel ❤️


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