How to take care of your Energy

Low energy? Too much stress? Lack of motivation? Feeling weak?

What do you do about it? Cover-up with coffee, alcohol or excessive sport? Distraction with TV, eating, drinking, shopping or Internet? Can you keep up your energy level, stay mentally positive and relaxed? Or are you prone to reacting overemotional, loud, or passive-aggressive, hiding the conflict? How do you feel in these situations?

The NLP and Positive Thinking hype seems to be over. We learned that those mental technique are powerful, also affirmations are great tools to reprogram the subconscious, but when you are having a challenging moment, you might still lose your grove, when triggers are being pushed.

Thoughts and emotions are temporary. They come and go. You are not your thoughts or your emotions, you have them. If we manage to practice some kind of prayer, meditation, walking meditation or awareness training regularly, we no longer easily get stuck in the illusion that we identify ourselves with our thinking or feeling. This self mastery.

Conclusion: In order to keep up your energy in difficult times, distractions, coffee and quick-fix solutions work like applying a plaster, they won’t change the energy, just cover-up. It takes training and regular practice to train the “awareness and relaxation muscle.”

There are hundreds of therapies and techniques out there such as Yoga, Tai Chi and great healing methods, where therapists help others to feel better and harmonize their system. Yet, I believe, unless you don’t open up your heart and mind to change yourself, there is a risk that you spend a lot of time and money in yoga retreats and therapies without ever becoming aware and responsible for your own energy. Remember, the purpose of all those things is not to look good, but to feel and be good – especially after yoga class.

How to no longer get caught up by thoughts and emotions:

Training your awareness and relaxation ability is the key to direct your energy. There are various ways to do that. Meditation is the first one. If meditation seems hard, start with a mindfulness practise, Walking Meditation in nature, or Chikung. When thoughts and emotions come up, observe and decide to let them pass on. Let go. When they come back, do it again. And again. If you focus on your breath, your mind gets calmer. Focus on the energy inside and around yourself. At some point you are in a different state. Regularity is key.

Prayer also does wonders: you open up for new possibilities and allow things to change, that your local mind and body is not able to change. You ask God to make the seemingly impossible possible and you open up the the big field of all there is.

No matter what you practice, regularity is important, just like training a muscle. Watch your attitude! Instead of being hard on yourself to reach a goal, practice with moderation and love instead. Love is not just a word. Don’t confuse it with manipulative sweet talk or nice-looking actions to gain advantages or energy from others. That is conditional love, not love, but manipulation. Contemplate on love and compassion while walking slowly in nature, what is really means to you. That can be a great beginning for your new practice to connect with your inner world, beyond the chatter of the mind.

Love is a powerful energy. Nature thrives with love and compassion.  You probably learned by now, that focusing on being right, comparing yourself with others and competing keeps you stuck. Realizing the energy of love allows healing and connects you  with all there is. That’s the practice. That gets you right into the energy you are asking for.

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Manuela Störzer und Anthony Reid in Bregenz, Österreich



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