True North or 7 Steps to Heaven on Earth

5 days in bed with the flu gives a whole lot of extra time for introspection and meditation. Realize that I am more into connecting and revealing, than into setting goals with the rational mind, and spending my lifetime chasing them.

It´s like letting the Soul be the driving force and Love the fuel that makes the process run, versus Ego making the ultimate decision and possessions securing the ride.

But is listening to the heart still safe? What about survival?

So far, I made it. Survived a whole lot of threatening situations. Yes, I cut down my spendings. I just don´t buy much more than I need, because I realized a new pair of shoes, a vacation, professional reputation, a bottle of champagne, sex, a new house, a car, whatever, can’t give but very temporary pleasure. Soon, the hype is gone and you need to stock up with something more, bigger, faster, louder, or just distract otherwise. That´s how addiction works. Extra waste polluting my system and “my” system is part of all. Nobody on earth needs more pollution!

It´s a choice. Or: By making it a free choice, there is no more struggle.
Dare to listen to the heart and trust what you feel is real! Simple.

For me there is no right or wrong way to Rome. Every road leads to Rome,

eventually. The question is: what means Rome to you? Heaven? Hell? The beginning? The end?

To me Rome means “true north”, or highest basic value, or Love. It is not a destination, it is a principle to live according, a pathway, The way. It´s both, walking and being still. Having this clear, I can trust. I can trust, that what I feel is real and is showing me when to go right and when to go left. I can trust to follow my heart. The world is more varied and unpredictable than we might imagine with the rational mind. Why limit ourselves to what we already know from from the past? Why not allow some space between the thoughts to connect with something bigger than facts from the past? Tap into creativity. Or just be and enjoy without the urge of getting somewhere else.

7 steps to heaven on earth?

  1. Breathe in
  2. observe the gab
  3. exhale
  4. observe the gap
  5. continue the process
  6. bring focus from the mind to heart
  7. dare to enjoy, despite whatever might come up in the mind (go back to 6)

…  I made that up… !

Lots of Love, compassion, and peace to listen and share whatever there is


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