People who don’t enjoy life risk to become unenjoyable.

To enjoy life requires to be present in the moment. To be present in the moment here and now means to let go of the addiction to stick to problems, work, things to do, etc.. It means to let ¬†go of all those thoughts coming up uncontrollably in the “monkey mind” and focus on the moment, focus on the senses, feel, see, listen, hear, sense. We live in a hectic environment where the media pretends to determine what personal success really means. People get lost in their minds, unable to enjoy the moment.

Yaduma Walking Meditation has been created as an easy and fun way to “revive”, get back into your body, calm your mind, be present in your environment, here and now and to learn to enjoy your Being.


Sometimes it takes a little help to enable yourself to nourish your mind, heart and soul and to take charge of your own direction again.

For private classes please contact Manuela at Emailmanuela@gmail.com



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