Yes, walk, no need to run!!!

DSC_1901 (1)Giving a talk at a doctor’s office about fat-burning I noticed that many people including doctors are not yet clear about this: High speed running and jogging at a very high heart rate is NOT the best you can do to burn fat. Here is the key:
The sign for the body to burn fat is the intensity and duration of exercise you do. High impact needs quick fuel, such as proteins and carbs, fat is being used for low impact, longer duration.

Here is one formula to calculate the approximate best fat-burning heart rate:
(220 – age) x 65  is minimum fat-burning heart rate
(220 – age) x 75  is maximum fat-burning heart rate

El Pais writes that even Taylor Swift is walking in Beverly Hills to stay fit. The fresh air and smooth natural movement are great for body mind and soul!

To get the best start and motivation to apply your know-how contact us now! We coach you by Skype or private Walking sessions in beautiful Mallorca. Happy Walking & have FUN!!!

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