We can’t solve everything by thinking!

During Walking sessions you may focus on your inner world and observe what is going on inside. Often, thoughts come up and never stop from one issue to another or just sticking to one problem, bringing the according emotion along. How do we stop this?

How do we get from nervousness, stress, anxiety to ease, joy, fun?

East and West agrees that Meditation is the way to go. For us Westerners meditation is something few of us have been taught as we grew up. We are trained in keeping everything under control and manipulate our surroundings according to what we were told was right. This is the constant thought movement trying to control.

Yoga, Relaxation techniques or Meditation classes or Walking Meditation sessions teach you, how to relax and “Let everything be as it is”.  This allows you to dedicate time and space to your inner world and give your thinking device a break. Doing this regularly is when you open up for not-known possibilities and capacities that you could not imagine before. E.g. a person suffering from a chronic pain dis-ease can have pain-free time and train to become more pain-free just by learning to give the thoughts a break and discover “unknown terrain” inside. Also, this time of inner silence allows creativity to flow when you least expect.

“Don’t be afraid your problems might run away if you don’t focus on them 100% of the time  😉
instead dedicate some time to let go and enable yourself to imagine the so far unimaginable!”     Manuela Stoerzer Vogt, emailmanuela@gmail.com

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