How to make your mind your best friend

You know that feeling: Situations are changing all the time and the mind is sticking to the problems on the way. It seems hard or almost impossible to just “shut off”. Plus: what we judge as negative emotions make life even more uncomfortable. Unless we somehow manage to push those “ugly feelings” aside. Remedies for that  “dis-ease” range from alcohol, soft or hard drugs, food, or anything else that serves to distract: TV, internet, work, extreme sports to kick off those hormones and not having to feel.

The way the mind thinks and the attempt to suppress or deny emotions becomes a problem itself: almost burning itself out, unable to let go, leading to Burnout, Depression, and all kinds of psychosomatic diseases.

Her comes the good news: There are simple and easy solutions!

Meditation and Awareness Training is one. Meditation is nothing we learned at school. Sitting down quietly seems to speed up the thinking process in the beginning.

For those people Relaxation Techniques and practices such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Walking Meditation can be a first step to making their mind their best friend, instead or feeling imprisoned by it.

With moderation and consistency these techniques work!!! It is all about taking it easy.
The harder to try, the harder it gets. Start with less, but regularly. Less is more.

My personal experience is this: in those minutes, that I expose myself to relaxation, I remember who I am, my true self, not my story, my conditioning, the mask, the roles. I need those minutes regularly, in order for the process to work. It is almost like training the relaxation muscle.

Check it our. A very simple start can be focusing on your center for a few minutes morning and night:



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Happy days,


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