The mind wandering by itself in a direction you do not consciously choose can cause undesirable effects such as lack of focus, lack of concentration, nervousness, anxiety, worries, stress. Ancient wisdom of many peoples teaches meditation as part of culture. In the first world, this knowledge is about to be rediscovered with mindfulness techniques. Walking Meditation is a simple and easy way to become mindful, focused and present. You can learn this in a coaching session over the phone, personal coaching or simply by following free guidance online.

Check out this great resource from #Getselfhelp.co.uk to learn how to become present and cope stress, anxiety, worries or negativity simply by being mindful in whatever you are about to do right now. Learn how to bring your attention from pondering around in your head to HERE and NOW. This is a valuable tool for us Westerners to use our inherent self-healing faculties, get relaxed, produce all the hormones that establish good health and wellbeing and become focused and balanced:


Enjoy the path!

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