Taking Care of Christmas Business?

Wow! Another year is almost over. What is your conclusion of the year?

Busy taking care of business, working over-hours and getting a real good pay-off to buy  Christmas gifts for people you love?


Here is our Christmas gift for you: Let’s have some fun!


Wishing you lots of special moments with special people and making it a real good time!

May you allow yourself to do what your heart desires and be fearlessly brave to show up in the world as who you are! May you be blessed with a healthy body, a healthy mind and harmony! Wishing you a sacred moment first thing in the morning, every morning, where you remember to tune into this very day with all your presence and all your senses.

May you be cured from the boredom of the Groundhog-Day-Syndrom, and no longer repeat yesterday’s experiences and expectations in your mind over and over again, but wake up to a brand new day, every day!

Let’s spend our energy in what we really need and free ourselves from the illusion of doing and buying stuff that doesn’t make us any happier.

Together, we can exponentiate the experience.

Let’s have fun, raise over moods and ego and enjoy life!

Happy Holidays

Manuela and Anthony


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