The virtual enemy is in the mind

Wanted to change and introduce new habits and “it was just not possible”?
“I wanted, but then….” “If only,… then” “Yes, but….” “I wish I could” “I have always had that problem” “it is in the family” “I am too…..”
Feel like your life is being conducted by other people, the economy and all kinds of problems around you?concentration

Here is an idea: The way we look at things is how things look to us. Obviously attitude, perception, interpretation etc. determine how we look at things. All that “stuff” is a setup in your mind, correct? The real problem and “virtual enemy” that prevents us from seeing, doing and feeling differently is in the mindset.

Becoming very clear of what thoughts and reactions keep you from changing is the base layer to becoming more proactive in determining your day. Instead of rushing faster to squeeze in another appointment, cancel one to look inside first. This is where the change starts. Meditating is not necessarily easy for brain-workers, however, Walking Meditation and other tools may be helpful and easy to get started. First of all, realize the “garbage”, then broom it out 🙂

Make it a Fun process! Please SHARE of LIKE! to inspire friends who wish to change.

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