How your personal Code of Ethics relates to Health and Wellbeing

Dogs don’t lie. Dogs feel when you are lying, pretending, manipulating. They empathise your fear, your anger, your joy. That’s real for them. You can’t lie to them. They respond to your energy.

Every thought you think has an energy to it which translates into an emotional vibration. That’s what the dog feels, no matter what you say. No matter what you say, your emotional vibration is what is real for the dog. You need to be firm to communicate successfully with the dog and really mean what you say. No doubt. No fear.

Today’s world is a tricky place. We are born in a certain system, take on our ancestor’s genes, social conditioning, our decisions are influenced by the media and the system.

Knowing that, we are no longer innocent. We are responsible. We can’t just kill jews because a Hitler says so, or crucify people because the church says so, sell drugs that don’t help, or cooperate with the wrong guys. We are responsible for how we look into the world and how we respond to things. We need to be discerning, not just follow the latest marketing trends, some hip guru or jump on what makes money excusing ourselves with deceitful arguments such as paying of credits for things we didn’t really need in the first place…

Sometimes it looks bad to do good and sometimes it looks good to do bad. Only you can figure out what is the right thing to do. You can’t rely on other people’s opinion, not even the opinion of people who represent authorities like the government or the church, as we know from history.

Confidence is nothing to be acquired outside, no matter how many medals you won. It is something you find inside that wants to be discovered by each and everyone, lived and shared. If we are not too intoxicated, manipulated and distracted, we feel exactly the difference between a flaky showman, an intimidator, or someone who uses power struggles to manipulate and impose his will onto others in a more  or less subtle way, and someone who is real. A real leader is honest, talks the truth and cares about more than benefit for himself and his crowd. Self mastery. This is where true confidence and deep contentment comes from.

To get there, it takes attention, courage, a loving attitude and the firm belief, that there is nothing more important for you to do, than being at and contributing your very best here and now.

Here are some indicators if you are ready to examine your current setup:

Do you feel joy every day?
Do you sleep well?
Are you contend with your health and well being?
Are you happy with the quality of your relationships?
Do you feel satisfied with what you do?
Do you have peace of mind?
What are your fears?

How can you confide in yourself, and direct your life well, if your inner world is based on a shaky ground? Is it time to reestablish some fundamental truths about your beliefs, needs, heartfelt desires?

Everything has a cost. Even a thought and an emotion has a consequence. What is the price to close your eyes and close your heart and follow the beaten pseudo-success track and what kind of security do you really get? And more importantly: what are you missing here?

Time for a serious preflight check before the next take-off. Every day is a new chance!


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