Finding Yourself

When clients come for life coaching  sometimes the question comes up:  “How can you be yourself?”

Sounds odd, how can you not be yourself? one might think. This is how: trapped in thinking patterns, as if unable to be here now, but constantly pondering about the past or potential scenarios in the future. Or running a learned program to comply with what has been instilled in the past like a machine. Most of us have been there.  

Being yourself is living from within and listening inside. It requires moments of inner peace and silence and no distraction. 

How? If you have the intention you will find Your Way! There are many ways. Walking Meditation is an easy and direct way to connect with your essence and explore your inner world. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts are other ways. Being in a state of flow while in a creative process is one way. Or in a  state of trance, when the analytical mind is calm.

Being yourself is living from within, freeing yourself from being a slave of the “monkey mind”. It is about learning to use that part of the mind as a tool versus being dominated by it or identify with the program that has been running your life. It is also essential for a healthy body (weight) and mind. And above all,to be happy!

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