Moodswings, Burnout, Depression: A Spiritual Crisis?

Since 4 months I am on the Carribean coast of Costa Rica witnessing a lot of crime, fraud, fakeness, high levels of manipulation and serious illness of all kinds of levels and nationalities – in the middle of paradise!

As if people had lost connection, ethics, morals and a sense of humility. Shocking how humans can totally lose love and respect for each other and take what they can get at any cost. In the Western world this type of aggression manifests a lot in Depression, Burnout and Cancer, so it is directed against oneself.

My thesis: Depression, burnout, addiction, crime and fraud is a consequence of a Spiritual Crisis.

Consequence of a Spiritual Crisis

A disconnection from Love, God, the power and magic behind everything. Driven by ego. Aggression instead of Love. Manupulation instead of surrender. Selfishness instead of Oneness.

My computer decided to take a break. Sharing is still possible with the phone though…

This video is about the dilemma of getting imprisoned in your own mind-structures, losing connection and making a firm decision as well as going the steps it takes to change.

Escaping or numbing our ability to feel by distracting ourselves with, obsessive thinking, working, searching the internet, drinking, “journeying” or any other kind of addictive behaviour leads to more disconnection from the essense, Self, core, Love, God.

Knowing is useless, if it doesn’t show in life. You can go anywhere. Unless you change, you continue the same unconscious habits, wether addictive work, selfishness, numbing your true feelings, distracting from Truth.

My personal lesson here: Stop being nice and excusing others when boundaries are necessary.

Responsibility means responding lovingly with mind and heart to a situation. A responsible lifestyle takes treating yourself, your body and others lovingly, letting go, forgiving and showing up in the world as this loving being that you are at core versus the manipulator. Able to respond firmly. Also to your loved ones, especially kids!

Faith is necessary, otherwise there is no path where to go to. Knowing doesn’t help faith. Failure is human, just keep going, ask for help, pray, do you best and keep getting better at it. Keep walking. Never give up. The world needs your spark!

Much Love


>>> Watch now!

8 Min video on mood swings, addiction and spiritual disconnection

No sales video, just a reminder to become responsible and loving and having Faith instead of trying to control and manipulate.

This is how Russell Brand sees Self-Sabotage:

Russell Brand on Self-Sabotage

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