Mind your own Business and Power!

Nothing new and yet, still lots of possibility to make use of in daily buzz:

The way you vibrate is what you get.
“The way to shout into the woods is how you will be shouted at”, says a German proverb.
The law of Karma says the same.

Our power is here and now.

Thoughts, feelings, actions. When aligned, we are powerful. When not, not. Then, our energy is pread all over the place…

Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza are only two experts who have the ability to share this knowledge in a way, that also scientific minds get it.

That’s why some kind of daily practice is a not only a great investment in yourself but indispensable.

Clear out useless stuff and gain clarity, focus and direction. My favourite practices are Yoga and Walking Meditation, but you can use any mindful practice to train your awareness and mind your power, the way you use your energy: washing the dishes, meditation, Tai Chi, Chikung, breathing exercise, a walk in the park.

Any emotion suits to remember turning your attention into here and now and appreciate what is.
This way, precious life energy is not invested into resistance but into the direction you choose consciously.
I love to learn more, explore and make the process fun. Laugh more about the useless old stuff, that still runs in the background of my system. Acknowledge the fear or the anger and use the energy, instead of fight it. Be curious!
Greetings from an exploration, learning an sharing trip from Central America xxx

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