Life Coaching: Finding the Joy

You know that feeling: Something just doesn’t feel right.  You can’t really figure out why. Or you have dozens of ideas why.  All you know is, something gotta change here…

How to Relax more deeply?

One thing most of us found out so far: to find the joy, we don’t need to go anywhere or do anything special. Joy is something that happens within us, just like any other feeling. For me, as soon as I care for my inner state, a whole world of energy opens up. Caring means, not to run away from feelings, especially not suppress by trying to control, but feel all there is: joy, fear, anger or sadness. Addressing what is, daring to feel what is within you, is showing loving kindness towards oneself. As if you had given loving attention to something inside that is there to be seen and heard. If ignored, suppressed or “talked out of it”, inner conflict arises: you resist a part of yourself. Just like you hear oeople say to a child: don’t be saf or don’t be angry. It’s stupid, because sadness is sadness, anger is anger, fear is fear. And: joy is joy.

Imagine getting used to numbing most feelings most of the time. Joy also gets numbed at some point. Sometimes we try to manipulate the situation with legal or illegal drugs and risk to mess up the whole precious being in the body…

Start with no longer Distracting yourself and Daring to Feel what is!

Once the feeling is being detected, felt and acknowledged, it has done its job and you can make smart decisions afterwards.

What if a feeling doesn’t seem to disappear ever? It’s quite possible that the situation you are facing has triggered and unresolved emotion, something from way before. Emotions last longer. Feelings that refer to a current situation appear and disappear faster.

If you notice that something “old” within you has been triggered and you seem like stuck in this emotion, it’s the ultimate opportunity to look beyond the trigger all the way to the original issue and release the the stuck energy. To connect with the original unresolved painful situation can happen automatically, once you really dare to feel the pain bravely. No thinking needed. It’s about daring to feel.

Some people directly run away, when exposed to the idea to feel old emotional pain. Then they wonder why life is not flowing despite business success etc.. Why they can’t feel the joy.

Once all feelings are ok and allowed, unresolved emotions can be healed with time. It happens naturally, once you allow it. As if there was a natural devine timetable running in the background offering you healing opportunities, once you are ready for them. Then, you may find that joy is a natural state.

Emotional Intelligence Frees Loads of Energy

It certainly helps to stop labelling feelings and situations into “good” and “bad” and stay curious and brave about the next learning opportunity.

Feeling what is, including rage or fear doesn’t mean that you must project your low vibration on others. Again, there is a distinction necessary: for instance anger is as healthy as a feeling as joy: it helps you to set boundaries. Say “stop, don’t go any further” to others. Or a clear “No, I am not ok with that”. Expressing how you feel now, relating to the current situaion is healthy and important. Dwelling on things, holding back or endless screaming is possibly related to old unresolved emotions. So if you suffer from such reactions, it’s a good moment to dare to find new ways to release the old.

Meditation, therapy, alternative therapy, coaching or going on a retreat can be such ways. Just accumulating knowledge by reading doesn’t necessarily change anything, but your knowing. This is about daring to feel. You can’t “do” it by knowing!

Trust that your gut feeling will bring up the right choice for you and when it does, don’t think twice and take advantadge of the hint.

Sounds ridiculously obvious and still, we seem to forget at time: Feeling can’t be done by thinking

Feeling is precious

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