Relaxation Training

Yoga is trendy. Yoga is possible any age, any time. The original purpose of yoga was not to look good. Yoga exercises had the purpose to train the body to be able to sit still over a longer period of time. You don’t need yoga in order to find what you’re looking for. However, yoga can be life-changing, if you find the right teacher.

Find your way

There are many ways and many similar approaches. Many contain a few elements: Consistency and moderation. In order to make a routine a special, nurturing ritual it also takes Awareness training, conscious exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Finding a healthy balance that feels good is key.

Training to find inner peace

Only in stillness you can reach the place where you find all the answers within.

Conscious walking exercise is a very simple approach for anybody who can walk.

How do you “manage” to hold yourself back from doing what is really good for you?

Are you aware of your deepdown fears and the potential that is hiding there?

Are you willing to become vulnerable and dare to feel whatever you feel without sir pressing or sweet talking unpleasant feelings?

Are you hiding behind knowledge?

Are you living the life you want?

What ever it is you, there is a chance for growth! Attitude towards discomfort, errors and fears is changeable. It can be a pleasant experience to get rid of resistance and start moving old habits.

Do what you want?

It’s perfectly normal not to know what you want or be distracted by social pressure. Things change and needs change. It’s worth to take a break and listen inside to re-evaluate your values. It’s worth to leave the habitual grounds in order to experiment something new. Taking a break and learning to relax is a valuable gift to oneself in order to live happily and stay healthy.

How does your free time look like?

Do you tend to plan every minute in order to make the most out of it? Is there any real time off for you? What is it that you really need?

What do you really need?

Feel free to WhatsApp me at +34661682888 for Individual Private one-Week Retreats in Mallorca in order to find your way towards inner peace.

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