From Frustration to Hope, Fun, Love

This post is written to open you up for the idea of discovering something new every day – and keep discovering, less repeating yesterday, less auto-pilot, less tight planning and controlling, more allowing, more presence here now.

I discovered songwriting even though I never thought about it and it was way our of my “radar” (BTW like modeling and acting and sculpturing and…)

Recently I wrote a song for my neighbor and for myself to remember to enjoy more and think less – to allow the process of life to unfold without me limiting life to conditioning concepts of “should”, “have to”, “must” and “other brainy concepts”yes but”. It’s a process, maybe a life-long process and I am getting better at it – the awareness being here now and the singing/song-writing – with practice.

The way we vibrate matters

Consciously making, singing or listening to music is a powerful resource to tap into in order to allow yourself to feel when you were numb before, sing along, express something deep inside without being judged. I can write and sing about all the things that have been bugging me forever and nobody ever cared. Now, I just sing the heck out of me and if feels like a huge relief to allow myself expressing it all. And I am learning by doing. Slowly, slowly, that singing and tuning in muscle gets stronger. It helps to break through the thinking box full of concepts/prison to the field of being and feeling – vibration here now without drugs, without escapism.


It makes me feel and it is beautifully liberating to allow even anger, fear and sadness to be expressed. My songs are touching me. And if you sing along a few times, they probably touch you too. It feels good to feel.

Just wrote a new song with my spectacularly creative neighbors about breaking through the Groundhog Day syndrome and the potential fear of feeling uncomfortable.

So it starts with frustration about this same old road, same old place, same old habits, always doing the same, always the same. Roaring boring!

But then comes the Refrain, the hope, the vibe, the dance and sing along when you realize: “Tomorrow is going to be a surprise”!

Thank God, we don’t know what the next moment brings! How boring would that be if you kept checking boxes for the rest of your life?

Hurray! “Tomorrow is going to be a surprise”

Soon available all over the place inviting to just sing and dance along for the sake of enjoying the moment and getting out of the thinking into the presence-feeling-mode. Play and enjoy!



Play and Enjoy

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