Lifting the Sky Chikung /Qigong Exercise

Cleansing exercise for general health, relaxation and energy flow

Stand with feet parallel, focus on 3 points on each foot: heel, where the big toe bends, where the small toe bends. Find balancing point between the 3 points so that your body can truly relax. Close your eyes. Breath through your nose. Visualize silver colour cosmic energy filling up your body from feet to head as you lift your arms with the palms facing outwards, like filling up a glass. Once your hands reach the top of your head, retain breath in still and change focus to the palm of your hands. Visualize the blue sky sitting on to of your palms. Without breathing out yet, push the sky up gently with relaxed arms. Straighten your back and bring head forward to natural position, exhaling though the mouth, slowly lower arms down the sides of your body with the palms facing outwards. Once you get down to the bottom, relax, take a breath in and out before doing another round. Repeat 10 times.

Remember: The ability to stay relaxed is essential for Personal Mastery. Train the relaxation muscle daily for a few minutes! Make one coffee break a Chikung Break!

And mostly: Enjoy!

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