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Knowing is not enough. The path is made by walking. Europes’ first Walking Coach makes her clients walk regularly. Skype Coaching & Awareness Training in nature to detect and remove self-imposed limitations and create your own way authentically and confidently.

Enough is enough…..  In 2000, after 10 years of directing a publishing company and raising 2 children, Manuela found herself not only burnt out and divorced but diagnosed with a stage 4 malign melanoma, a final wake-up call to change. She developed a simple healthy way to learn to switch from habitual thinking, emotional reaction and acting patterns to being present and connected with your inner voice.  Yaduma Walking Meditation™ is a prize awarded Coaching Program with elements of Meditation, NLP,  Yoga, Hypnosis and Alexander Technique to get to know and direct your own mind and body, self-regulate emotional response and change behaviour positively. Here is her story.

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Unable to just do what is good for you? Why is that? Because you can not NOT communicate. Thoughts and emotions keep communicating, possibly disconnecting your free will from your actions. Practicing Walking Meditation regularly serves to relax, focus and influence your state of mind in the direction you choose. Focus and do what you really want, not what you don’t want.

Meditation has been proven to increase brain capacity and the ability to concentrate . Scientific research suggests that Walking not only helps maintain and improve your physical fitness but also balances stress hormones and your mental capacity. Like the benefits of regular Yoga practice , practicing Yaduma Walking Meditation is a start to a new way of life.

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Benefits of Meditation and Walking Meditation Practices:

Every word you consume, every thought and emotion you replay is stored in the brain and keeps having its effect in the unconscious. Anyone who reads negative information every day or criticises and compares themselves constantly, fosters a sense of impotence and develops negative thought structures. And these negative thoughts change our transmitter chemistry in the blood and in the brain. Dopamine level drops.  Stress hormone level rises.

Here comes the benefit of Meditation: New neuronal connections and dopamine levels increase. Training is even reflected in the actual morphology of the brain, according to Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. The brain scan shows that a structure in the brain, which is involved in the control of anxiety (among other things) actually shrinks. You can change your brain structure and the way it works, like a muscle,”train the relaxation muscle”. At the same time, the “grey substance” grows in areas of the brain, associated with compassion or are responsible for the memory. Daily meditation and choice of information intake is crucial to shape the way your brain works.