Eating Disorders

Are you easily gaining or loosing weight?  Might the change of weight be somehow connected with your current circumstances?

How many people gain or loose weight being in difficult situations during a longer period of time?
What makes one loose appetite or want to eat, eat, eat?
How serious is sugar addiction?healthy or not?

When you are no longer aware of what and when you eat you might run into a eating disorder. Problems such as constantly high stress levels or longer periods of feeling low may result in weight loss or: stress boosts certain hormones, a negative state of mind may result in lack of motivation, movement and slowed down metabolism. Sounds logical.

How deal with a eating disorder?

1. Take it serious, realize that your health is at risk and become aware!

2. Check the options to get support: consult your physician, look for self help groups, information and exchange with others on the Internet  or specialized psychologists.

3. You have developed this symptom in order to solve a problem that needs to be discovered. Take it as a chance to improve.

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