Weight problems

Here are just a few reasons for weight problems:

-lack of exercise combined with poor eating habits, slowed down metabolism


-seductive lifestyle, hardly any physical movement throughout the day, little muscles being used

-stress, burnout or depression messing up your hormones

-conditioning, food as reward, loss of sense of feeling satisfied

-social eating and drinking leading to loss of sense of feeling satisfied

-processed food, lots of white sugar and white flour and / or soda drinks

-lack of concentrating on eating during a meal and /or snacking without being aware

-trying to use food to cope with other issues such as needs not being met……

Very high or very low weight is a symptom to become aware of some kind of imbalance. Fighting weight is not the answer. Dieting and exercising is beneficial when the original needs that lead to the problems are being met as well.

Eating well can be easy: eat mainly and lots of fresh, local seasonal vegetable and fruit, try to cut down highly processed food like white flower, sugar, margarine as well as alcohol, animal-sourced fats. Use more cold-pressed olive oil instead. Eat regularly, enough and not much than that. Eat when you eat, be aware of the taste, enjoy your meal 🙂

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