What drives you?

It is a blessing to find out what drives you. This can take a lifetime, it can be many things and it can change. What drives you makes you flow, gives you joy, energy, a sparkle in the eyes and heartfelt passion – inner gasoline that does not come from changing surroundings, food or exercise but from deep within. Something that makes you feel you are on your very path, mission, life’s purpose and feel love for all there is.

One thing that drives me is some knowing about human capacities and possibilities – people grow up in a certain way that determines what they call their personality and their mental and physical status today. They think this is who they are  (intro- or extroverted, right or left brained, confident or insecure, successful or a looser…..) until a single thought, information or experience can be enough to trigger a change of mind, body, emotion, path of life. Humans can change themselves, once they find out how to access that power. They can change the way they look, think, feel, act, react, make decisions, relate. They can live life the way their parents or buddies live, heat up with drama or thrive with balance… My passion is to inspire and empower people access that power and experiment with it creatively.

Did you find out already drives you? If not, enjoy the path 🙂


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