Exercise for Lazy People

A student of Kung Fu School says, he is rather lazy. I think that’s quite interesting, Kung Fu is not really that easy. However, being lazy can be healthy, economically, I say. Less usage, lWarrioress damage, less calorie need… If you research exercise for lazy people you may find tips like:

Sit on a big Gym ball when watching TV do stimulate muscles.

Go stairs instead of elevator.

Do 30 abs morning and night.

Walk around the block.

Take the stairs five times.

Wall sit for one minute.

Do 30 crunches noon and night.

Do the same with pushups.

Lunge down a hallway.

Jump over a line or piece of tape for a minute.

Hop on one foot for a minute and repeat on the other side.

My ultimate tip is: DON’T THINK, JUST DO IT

It works best if you make a commitment with other people, such as 3 times a week Walking with some buddies or twice a week Kung Fu class, or with yourself, such as, pick 2 exercises of above list every day and just do it.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN! If you think, that’s no fun, don’t think & fake it, after some time you might be surprised!!!!!

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