Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

This is meant to be an inspirational blog to question / possibly find ways to change what no longer serves you. The next 3 month I will be in the Peruvian jungle. I came here by a calling! A very dear friend showed me some YouTube videos and one video caught my attention: Scott xy talks about ayahuasca, a shamanic medicine with astonishing healing capacities. It was the place it was filmed that resonated and attracted my attention. It looked like my very old childhood dream – South America, tropics, Shamans! So I checked out the website, read “work exchange” and decided immediately that I will be there. Two weeks later I arrived in my new open air house at the Shamanic Healing Retreat center Http://refugioaltoplano.net

Spanish lessons and translating in exchange for living and sharing this beauty here.
They work with natural remedies, plAyahuasca Healing center amazon jungleants, Ayahuasca ceremonies and according rituals. I am not into any kind of drugs, yet this seems to be a medical and spiritual remedy to heal stuff from the past and learn about what thoughts, feelings and actions are ego based, based on fear or childhood traumas and what are your truth and truly helpful to take beneficial decisions. So people come to heal traumas, addictions and psychosomatic conditions. Or simply to find out who they are, find out more about themselves and improve the way they are approaching every day’s life more positively. It is amazing how this shamanic remedy works and what people experience. It seems to open the curtains to the real big screen and you start to understand how life works: the spiritual realm, the soul, life on earth. It is definitely a medicine, it tastes horrible and if it wasn’t for the insights, I would not go through the sickness it gives you.

So far I participated in a few ceremonies and found it most interesting how different every person responds. Everybody is a a different path and all are heading to the same direction: get rid of suffering, towards a loving joyful approach to life. Some go through hell in order to later on see clearly. I had very smooth experiences and the process feels like a confirmation: I don’t need to doubt, I can trust in my knowing- that knowing that is not just an acquired/ studied/ educated information, but the knowing beyond the analytical mind – intuition. You learn to distinguish what is thinking and what is real intuition. That might sound abstract and it is. The experience is not linear. It just doesn’t fit into box thinking. In my next post I will share what I experience during those ceremonies. The setting and the people running the Ayahuasca ceremony are critical for the outcome. In fact, it might be a horrible experience if not guided by experienced shamans or if held in a negative/ toxic environment. So one shaman tells me to use menthol on my chest for my bronchial congestion that I caught in the plane. He fixes honey and lime juice for me. Then he tells me he would sing for me to release my childhood trauma. I hadn’t said a thing about that old story. I was six, it had been a long time back. He sensed sexual abuse in childhood. Spot on. By singing specifically some very weird songs they cure. I will go for it.

I really appreciate to be able to translate for and accompany the people who come here to find their path, heal or get rid of addiction and to be close to them and the Shamans. It is most interesting how the Shaman sees difficulties and how they work. They use amazing natural remedies from a herbal garden with over 500 plants. Every tree and leave there has a medical purpose. Mild of trees, anesthetic flowers, a brown liquid from a tree for external wounds that transforms into a creamy white zinc ointment when applied. I am stunned.

Being here I want to learn how this type of healing works. In my job as a coach it is all about facilitating tools and information to assist people change themselves. The biggest opponent in that work is the “yes, but” statement: it means the ego mind says, I won ‘t just forget about what I have been trained/ manipulated to be or to believe. Some ridiculous beliefs/conditionings/social imprints that where never questioned curse in the subconscious and mess up the joy of life. The Ayahuasca Experience seems to bring that hidden stuff to the surface of awareness in a trance-like state. And then, we have the choice how to deal with it, rather than blindly following like chickens follow the hen. People who want to know their truth, grow their spiritual awareness or want to overcome habits that don’t serve them (addiction, depression) seem to greatly benefit from these experiences. Everybody seems to get their individual messages. My first message was about the nature of duality and freedom to choose: it was obvious that ugly, pretty, scary or not is only that way, when I label it that way; it is up to me how I look at things. By changing perspective I can change the interpretation of the experience. Does that make any sense? More details next time.

So far I know that I could not have imagined what I experienced. The pictures I saw where science fiction-like. A personal science fiction movie to teach me something. Unbelievable, amazing, incredibly creative images and stunning colors.

Shall keep you updated. Lots of LOVE from the jungle,
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2 responses to “Ayahuasca Retreat Peru”

  1. What happened to winter in Berlin? 🙂

    I heard that rather than three months, you have to be taken Ayahuasca like a local  indigenous person for years before truly adapting and intrepreting its power. You know, like how alcohol was difficult for the aborigines of Australia and North America. They just had no concept of alcohol and their bodies even less. G

    1. Yes! Berlin comes after south america. Tempted to go to brazil before. Have not much to heal, shamans say i am all good, so no expectations but very interesting insights…

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