Let go of old Emotional Reactions and Projections

Trapped in old Emotional Reactions? Living in the Here and Now frees us from being trapped in old emotional reactions.

Typical example: partnership reactions. If we are not totally present, we project old memories, thoughts and feelings on the current situations. We repeat the the same old story which has nothing to do with the present situation.  Past experiences of jealousy, envy, fear of loss or of being hurt can create an automatic reaction that doesn’t have anything to do really with the here and now. The old reaction is not permitting us to see and feel how things are here and now for us.  Say you have an issue with attracting negative or abusive partners into your life. The moment you learn to switch to the here and now, you can respond adequately and no longer be trapped in finding excuses for the partner. Instead, you feel how you feel and respond accordingly – feel and tell your truth and free yourself from the old habit of being the victim, the one who finds excuses for the other person instead of being responsible for your own life.

There are many options in every situation. By only keeping your focus on the here and now, will you know, which one to choose. Ask yourself: how am I really feeling right now and is this my ego reacting to the present situation? Is my emotional reaction to this present situation based on some past experiences or is it true? Am I projecting my wishes and dreams into this present moment or am I seeing and feeling the situation as it is?

Look not to the past, nor to the future.
Keep your focus on the here and now
that is where true happiness can be found!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you have any questions!

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