Getting out of your way

Know that one: circumstances are complex and seem complicated. The work, the family, the duties, the responsibilities and the tremendous effort to try to make it all fit into one day….  And our perspective of things color the situation black or white. When we just can’t control the MONKEY MIND creating worst case scenarios, creating fears about possibilities that mostly don’t even occur. And thoughts about stuff that is not our business anyway. We lose our center and spend our energy all over the place with our dispersed attention. And yet, it feels important to try to control everything.

How do you get out of your own way?

What part of you gets out of the way of what other part of you?

Never looking deeper, you stay trapped in the self-created prison and create dis-comfort and dis-ease. Time to turn around and look at yourself!

To get closer to your essence and stop identifying with labels, check out this little guided diary to initiate the journey to your inner world:

LOGBOOK for an inner pilgrimage. In German language on Amazon, in English via

Let there be joy!

Happy to assist you along the way 🙂


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