What if…

What if you were able to do what has to be done without any resistance – no matter if you like to do it, want to do it or not? Here is one approach to more ease and grace:

11 years ago my kids and I visited one of my stepsons who volunteered at a Children’s Foster home in India. I ended up staying there for 5 weeks playing with the children and sharing with the caretakers. There, I “bumped” into my future yoga master who had his ashram at 5 km distance. I asked him if he taught me yoga, he inquired why I wanted to learn yoga and then invited me to visit him every morning at 6AM during my stay. Ever since, he gave me advice by email and helped me learn more, practice what I had learned in everyday life and get through difficult times.¬†After breakfast we did Karma Yoga: work without getting a personal benefit from that action. I swept the yoga room with a besom every day. It was as big as the whole ashram on the second floor and had no windows only grating to keep the monkeys out. Once I started sweeping, wind blew all the dust and leaves all over the place again. I started getting annoyed. What sense does this make? Then, a girl taught me how to do this: Go row by row, slowly, and say to yourself: I am cleaning my heart and I am cleaning my mind. No matter what. Keep cleaning your heart and your mind.

If there were leaves in the room later on again, I would go right there and get them. The room wasn’t perfectly clean. Yet, while cleaning I was at peace, doing what I came to do without judging all the time nor pondering if I like to do this, whether it made sense etc. etc..

Ever since, this lesson helped me to live with more ease and grace, do what has do be done in a positive mindset and free of resistance.

Imagine if more people can stay positive while doing what has to be done, even if they don’t get a personal benefit out of their actions! So much more flow, positivity, respect, love. This is nothing to know and think about but something to PRACTICE!

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Happy sweeping and Namaste! “I bow to the divine in you” xxx


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