Story or Truth?

Lots of success trainer and coaching specialists are doing online marketing to promote their business and help people make money. 5 easy steps to make 50 new clients in 5 days. How to double your income working half the time. Free webinar how to make every lead into a long-term client. 7 secrets to make your business thrive in less than a week….

First you have to sign up to receive a free gift. Then you are bombarded with helpful videos, personal success stories and endless marketing emails. Stories over stories. Then, you are tempted to buy into their offer which is available only for you and only now for 99 $ and is worth 2399$, according to the story they tell you their stuff is worth.

Hey, it might work! But one thing is clear: that’s just another story you bought into, believe is working and that gives you hope, that you too can change. It all depends on what you make out of it, like almost everything in life. Knowledge without consequence is useless. Applied knowledge without love is empty, no matter how much money you make. Yes, money is a tool, a way to exchange energy. And yes, you deserve a rich and meaningful life. Fill you life with what matters. Free will wants to be applied carefully, with intelligence and heart. So before buying into another story ask yourself what you really want!

A story is just a story. And yet, stories are powerful.

Milton Erickson used stories for Hypnotherapy. Patients experienced some kind of inner shift, by seeing a new perspective or discovering a different meaning of a situation listening to Milton’s story. All religions use stories. Teachings use stories. Education uses stories. Science uses stories e.g. by combining observation and theories with mathematical equations. In reality, we have no clue where we come from and where we go to.

We give meaning to stories and often feel bont to the old meaning of the old story. The meaning we make up in our mind depends on the influences and information we were exposed to so far. That’s how drama works. Exiting stories, sad stories, funny stories, happy stories, scary stories.

Clearly, we are free to choose the meaning and create whatever story we want. That’s cool as long as we are aware of the process of creating stories. Again, it takes intelligence and heart to make use of your free will and creativity wisely.

For me, the clue is to be conscious, present, here and now, realize what is and what I make up during the process of living. It takes clearing my mind regularly with some kind of ritual or meditation technique, like walking meditation. Every day in baby steps.

Be yourself, not your story

To distinguish between being myself and living a story gives me the freedom to experience every day new. Exited about the next moment. Open to the unexpected. Willing to face the stuff (all the stuff) inside of me.

Right now I am staying at a remote place in Central America, away from people. It is hot. From 10 to 4 you better don’t move much. I don’t do much, but days are full of life. The story I tell myself: I don’t need to run behind anything, just be myself. That’s the job…

What stories are you being told?

What stories are you telling yourself?

What stories don’t really serve any longer?

Intelligence and heart make free willpower usefull

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