Train the Trainer

As a trainer my job is about sharing information (facts, inspirational metaphors or stories) and asking inspiring questions that make clients look beyond the habitual. People realize their own inner mechanisms, their power, their own responsibility, freedom of choice and limiting habits. Some people experience the work as life-changing. In some occasions, what I shared had only little effect on the client or they quit, when reaching the edge if their comfort zone.

The reasons came down to three reasons:

1. Time and payment agreement was not met:

I accepted bargaining and it imbalanced the equation, like the mindset “You get what you pay for”.
Last minute cancellations make space for those habits you want to change to keep working.

2. Lack of commitment:

I did not communicate clearly, that the commitment they have with me to accompany them for this initial process is ultimately the commitment to themselves. That’s all it takes. To commit to yourself.

3. Expectations:

There is no red pill and no blue pill to swallow a teacher could give anybody. A client can get information and inspiration from a coach to access the potential already within him. Suggest to expect the uncomfortable when leaving a limiting comfort zone!

It’s not just about what we say as teachers or coaches, but how we show up and live the principles we promote. A continuous learning process…

Note: The trainings for trainers, coaches and therapists is a program teaching awareness exercices and tools to apply during conscious walks in nature first for oneself, then to share with others.

It is a joint conscious personal development project during 1 month (4 weekends) followed by monthly online sharing, Q&A’s and consulting during 6 months and 2 more sessions 3 and 6 months later).

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