Duality- two sides of the coin

The other day a gal shared her shit in a long “fuck you”- article that gained a lot of public attention and comments. Basically, she promoted her freedom to say “fuck you” to people who don’t respect her boundaries and ridiculed people holding back their shit or talking sweet when thing stink, the talk-gooders and want-to-be-happy-all-the-timers.

My personality doesn’t match her “fuck-you”-strategy. I have a hard time to set boundaries and don’t believe in telling people off instantly in a rude way. Instead, I am really grateful to slowly slowly learn with the years to just say no or stop and then, if still not respected leave. (Not vice versa!!!)

Fear of being rejected? Fear of Karma? Disobeying universal rules or crashing dogmata? No, I just can’t take fuck-off seriously and search for other ways to express.

Jung said: as long as you are not aware of what you carry in your unconscious, this is what will rule your life and you call it destiny.

There are more ways to express oneself, all of yourself,the liked and the disliked, the black, white, pretty, ugly, happy, sad, angry and fearful sides than shouting fuck you all the time. Get creative!

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