3 Questions to Make Great Decisions

This topic could fill tons of philosophical, self-help and business advice books.

Here is my personal shortcut:

  1. Is it a loving choice (healthy versus obsessive or ambitiously destructive, motivated by love, not fear.)
  2. Is it really helpful?
  3. Is it aligned with your sense of purpose, mission and priority at this point in your life?

Check it out!

Asking yourself 3 questions before continuing to make poor decisions can make the difference between a mediocre life to a great life. It works for the big stuff and comes down to the small stuff.

Wake-up time. Quality and amount of food you take in. Healthy or unhealthy exercise habits. Quality time with healthy relationships. New job or stay where you are. The way you do the things you do: aware, concentrated and relaxed or in a hurry, stressing out. Going for that dream or staying trapped in unconscious habits. Risking to fail or risking to spend a lifetime without really living.

A great little morning ritual to welcome the brand new day with all unknown possibilities and sharpen your mind is Walking Meditation. No space for useless old ideas and excuses to keep you trapped. A little is better than nothing. Moderation and consistency. A sacred time for yourself, your mindset, clarity and determination. Plus: it is free and healthy!

Any more hints? Please share!

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