Healthy habits can be easy

Having a simply healthy lunch on the beach in Finca Gaia Nueva in Panama.

I’ve been checking out the country staying with locals away from tourist destinations and found this little Oasis. Life is not cheap in Panama. Eating healthy means eating local seasonal food and that is very reasonable. What I like about the non-luxurious lifestyle is getting back to the basics: being here now. Appreciating what is. Getting up early in the morning to do a morning ritual. Doing what has to be done. Being creative. Exchanging, learning, teaching, sharing with people. Every person is a universe by itself.

I believe mindset is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Being conscious about what is really going in inside, being loving and accepting is a requirement to positive development.

I like to experiment! I experiment with thoughts and beliefs: I can afford to travel, because I have no opposing mindset. The magic of nature kicks in and I happen to find ways to travel that I couldn’t even have imagined.

I share this for you to become curious and experimental as well!

E.g. healthy habits are easy.

Note: focus on positive, loving or nurturing experiments. Just accumulating more stuff for yourself might be rather blocking the “magic of nature”, then you sit on your stuff, focusing on managing stuff rather than living life and sharing your gift 😉

Every path starts with a first step. The first healthy snack. The first walk around the block after dinner. The first 10min guided meditation on your phone, the one entire day free from your phone, the first day without sugar….. There are no failures but learning experiences to grow beyond. Tomorrow, the experiment continues.

Happy experimenting xxx



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