The Colors of the Rainbow – Coping with feeling low

Red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet are the colors of the rainbow. That’s what we believe in the West. In reality, there are endless colors or wavelengths. Some are not to be seen by the human eye by natures, others are too similar to neighboring colors and can’t be differentiated by the human eye.

If two people stand next to each other and look at the rainbow, they will never see the same rainbow. The raindrops through which sunlight falls are in constant motion. In addition, their shape changes, creating a completely new angle of refraction. Since all raindrops reflect and break the light, only a small portion of the reflections, depending on the position, can be perceived by the observer.

The Map is not Reality

Perception and appearance of the rainbow is also influenced by the exact position of the sun and  the viewer. 

The colors of the rainbow is a clear example of the complexity of human processing and communication, especially when it comes to emotions. Endless nuances of wavelengths, projections, reflections, perceptions and position of the the one who feels and the other who views or empathises, vice verca. In fact, it is often hard to differentiate:

Is what I feel real or is it a specific angle of viewpoint, reflection, projection of my own stuff onto the situation? In other words: what do I have inside of myself, that wants to be cleared, released and let gone, that is being shown to me in this situation?

Is this feeling here and now or is some old emotion, that you can’t get rid of for a long time? In Possibility Management they distinguish between feelings and emotions. Feelings relate to “here and now” and last only a few minutes. Emotions are old unresolved feelings from the past triggered by this situation. They last much longer. Feelings serve purposes like: fear helps protect yourself, sadness shows the bond or missing connection of a relationship, anger helps to say Stop, it’s enough or NO to define your boundaries. Emotions are old unresolved feelings most probably from childhood, when you were not yet ready to deal with a situation. So when old things are being triggered within you – you realize it e.g. by over-reacting – this is a real chance to clear out things that stand in your way to flourish.

Feeling what is

Sometimes it takes long to realize that we created or recreated a certain type of situation in order to bring something old to the surface and clear it out.

It is very useful to focus on being kind to oneself and others in this process, moving from judgement to compassion and open that heart again and again when everything feels wrong, unjust and painful.

From Blaming others to making new responsible choices

“What is my part in this?” Is a good question to ask. It is not about finding a wrong-doer, blaming, feeling guilty or punishment. It is the opposite: helps to get into your own power and quick the vicious lower drama cycle of victim, helper and offender.

There are many ways to clear old emotions. It probably feels painful and it is wonderful if you can trust in the process and train your awareness when such situations occur, so you won’t get trapped in the low drama.

Is Life-Coaching, Healing or Therapy right for me?

The path from self-discovery to self-realization seems to be a lifelong process, so it is really useful to appreciate those situations and clearing opportunities, even though it hurts. This is the chance to heal and not recreate the same type of situations over and over again.

A typical example are relationships, “dis-appointments”, blurry over-emotional visions of a situation or over- exaggerated reaction to a situation losing the ability to take a little time to reflect calmly, see all sides to a situation and gain clarity.

Conclusion: next time I feel shitty about a situation, I trust in the process, go for a walk and calm down. Then, it is a great moment to contemplate calmly and consciously with the compassion you and everybody else deserves.

As Albert Einstein says, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So if you feel stuck in the same old thinking, get help!

You may feel powerless, but you are not helpless!

The Walking Guru

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