De-Stress Tool or The DANGER of Words

Words have a frequency.
Frequency is vibration.
Vibration influences the whole being.
Take music: Did you ever experiment with the influence of classical music on you? Or binaural beats? Or techno? Are you aware of the effect of music on your system?

As soon as you are aware of what is, you can change it. The danger is, when you don’t realize what is going on and keep doing, perceiving, experiencing the same situations without acting upon it. It takes being aware, that it is up to you, how you create your reality.

The space beyond knowing is where change happens

As soon as you read this, you might hear yourself saying or thinking: I know, I know. I know about the power of words. And still, you might not be using this information that you “know” adequately quite yet. You probably know, that not only the spoken word is powerful, but also the thought and the emotional frequency that comes with the thought. A quick film happens in the mind as if a box would open up and you take out or stick the information in it unconsciously. Bang. An unconscious habit determining your experience of life.

Thought, emotion or vice versa: that’s what determines our state and experience in the very moment. The spoken word even more. Words are like a declaration! You probably also know that these kinds of declarations have an impact on your energy, your motivation, how you feel about things, how confident you are, how prone to act upon what you really need, want, envision or not. Every bit of information has an energetic input that works on your system. “I know” is not helpful. It is about acting upon it.

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich was among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time. People like Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have used this knowledge to the excess and influenced millions of unconscious, blind, fearful or numb “followers”.

Today, it’s all about getting into your own power and creating your own life consciously instead of creating unconsciously by repeating yesterday’s stories. Being driven by old emotions or habitual patterns or following blindly some big words. What matters is, being aware in every moment. It’s ok to feel shitty. It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to keep following some big talkers. It just sucks and is also dangerous, as we know from history, to stay unaware of what is really going on. You disable yourself from all impact.

In business or private life, coaching has become very popular. Get a coach, change your life. Great people like Tony Robbins are influencing millions to get interested in self-empowerment, curious about how to change your own thinking, feeling, habits, belief-system, actions. People who visited those amazing events – which seem bit like amazing shows for a European like me – are deeply impacted and seem to gain benefits from those mostly high priced events in such a way, that they actually do change something about their lives.

Do you really need to spend 5000 Dollars to enable yourself to change? I consider it well-invested money! And still: the homework is what counts, how you apply the input in your daily life. In order to change anything, you first must be aware of it.

Coming back to the power and danger of words: How aware are you of your inner dialogue? When something unpleasant happens, what is your inner reaction? How is your outlook on things and how do you communicate this? Are you super-cautious, maybe rather protective-closed for new ideas or are you an optimist, able to talk shit into gold vice versa? Both is not quite helpful. What is helpful is to become real. Realize what really is and what impact a situation has on you. What does it trigger in terms of thoughts and emotions. Accept this. Watch it. Observe. Feel. Don’t judge. Ignoring, neglecting, acting as if you would not be impacted by something unpleasant is NOT helpful. It just brings conflict in your inner world: what you feel and what you tell yourself and others is not aligned. That’s the main problem when it comes to change: lack of awareness. How can you act upon a new situation or learn from it, if you ignore or resist what is?

I am a believer of non-judgement. How do you make decisions, if you don’t judge? You first accept what is, without sticking it in the good or bad box. Then, you feel and use your mind, both together. Sounds like I was trying to teach how to walk, but honestly, don’t most of us live on auto-pilot and unconscious habits most of the time?

Accepting what is is the first step. It’s ok you don’t like it. It’s ok to feel however you feel. Just feel it, go for it! Dare! No good feeling, no bad feeling. Feeling what is. That’s where the power is, that’s how energy gets moved, by feeling it! That’s how blockages can be detected, faced and removed. That’s what it takes to empower yourself, get into your power by stoping to resist, suppress or ignore. That’s how you get your energy back.

Awareness is key to change. Words are an easy way, to get into your power. It’s a great start to observe what you say to yourself and others most of the time. People like Tony Robbins use affirmations, Louise Hay is probably the most respected author who promoted the power of affirmations. Words have a frequency and depending on what kind of emotional frequency they carry, words impact your very state here and now. Listening to people in an unaware state and allowing all words enter your system unfiltered, unaware is dangerous. Just as dangerous as your own habitual self-talk may be.

We create our reality. You know that. Do it consciously! Make it fun! Make it a hobby or a sport, like training a muscle. Smile!

Especially parents have this power of words over their children. Whatever a parent says to their child, that’s what they believe is true, that’s how they build their reality of the world around them. You are smart, you are talented, you are this and you are that. Or you are just not this and that. Whatever parents say, kids believe it and create their world according to those words. And some kids never grow up, never realize that it is up to them now, how they create their world. Those grown-up unaware kids sometimes need another type to wake-up call. Sometimes it is a life crisis, financial crisis, serious health issues or anything that shocks them in such a way, that they realize: I gotta change something here immediately and I can’t wait for the world to change for me. It is my respons-ability.

Self-confidence is not necessarily built on successes. Athletes know that: now matter how many prizes they won, a series of unexpected fall-backs can kick self-confidence into the ether.

Words are a real simple approach to start that 5000-Dollar-Experience and change your life today and from now on every day. Consciousness is the key. Words are a great first step to practice self-empowerment.

No need to lie or ignore what is. By acknowledging and accepting e.g. when you feel nervous, anxious or sad, you allow this energy to be as it is. It is not “bad” to say “I feel sad”. There is energy in those feelings. And once you gave them the space that they require, it’s ok, and the message of the feeling has been heard. The fear or sadness is felt and acknowledged.

What if you have this habitual state of standard low vibration?

Then, it is still important to acknowledge. Is there a real reason here and now for how you feel? Is some old fear or sadness or anger coming up? Acknowledge, accept and agree with it. Then, you can move on and choose consciously how you want to act upon it. Some old pains want to be acknowledged. That’s what most healing therapies are about.

For now, you can just watch your words and choose them consciously. That’s a great start to stop repeating old unconscious patterns.

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