How to Use a Challenge as a Chance

Spend and hour or half a day or a whole day without focusing on the crisis!

A day to nurture yourself with positive thoughts, feelings, habits

Spend some time to focus on what is really important to you, now, that you have a wider perspective of things. Spend a day to have the luxury to just be, feel, listen inside, without distractions. A day to remember priorities. A day to become aware of what is really important for you in life. OBSERVE: how your thoughts and feelings run your perceived reality. How unrecognized fears or anxieties can keep you trapped. Get curious, how to play the mind-game with new rules.

A challenge has the potential for growth by kicking you out of your comfort zone. If we are willing to accept the kick-ass situation as a chance, we can find a growth opportunity. This is an opportunity to become aware and responsible to grow out of our limitations by detecting and updating our habitual reactions. You can call this possibility natural evolution, fitness training by nature, survival of the fittest or grace of God.

Personally, I believe that it is not due to our smartness and goodheartedness, that we succeed and evolve. It does take these ingredients as well, yet, what really makes the cake, devides the cells, let’s the sun rise every day is a miraculous force much bigger than we can imagine. Scientists know, since they study what exists and develop great things from that knowledge to help the world become a better place. They also know, that nobody really knows, what force is behind all this. The magic behind all there is.

Religions help many people to focus on a system that guides them. Religions seem to be separating the world as well, when human egos come into play and egos fight about who is right and who is wrong. Personally, I see the benefit of guidance and the sense of community, yet installing fear and fighting “wrong-believers” for me is a no go.

A challenge or a crisis is a chance to become humble and grateful and truly remember the gift of life. This sounds like a quote from spiritual book, yet it is simply an observation. Discovering and sharing our gifts and talents for the benefit of all while enjoying the journey sounds like a good plan to me.

Now we have a chance to surrender ego for the benefit of growth and evolution. Now, it is easy to get out of those mouse-wheel habits and trust. There is almost no other way due to new social rules, restrictions and laws. This is a time to realize our miniature size and importance and at the same time appreciate our own power of decision, how we deal with a situation, how we respond, how we use our free will, potential and influence constructively.

What are your biggest questions, fears, hopes and heartfelt dreams?

Now is a great time to ask:

What are your biggest questions, fears, hopes and truly significant dreams?

World activities slow down. You can chose resistance, surrender, delve into creativity, love or fear. Free will, free choice. This is a chance.

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