Challenge and Chance

A day without the word of the crisis. A day to focus on what is really important. A day to have thd luxury to just be, feel, listen inside. A day to remember priorities. A day to become aware of your inner life: believed that run your reality, unrecognized fears or anxieties that kept you trapped.

A challenge has the potfntial for growth by kicking you out of your comfort zone. If we are willing to a crpt the kick-ass message as a chsnce, evolution continues.

Personally, I believe that it is not due to our smartness and goodheartedness, that we succeed and evolve. It does take these ingredients as well, yet, what really makes the cake, devides the cells, let’s the sun rise every day is a miraculous force much bigger than we csn imagine. Scientist know, that they study what exists and develop great things. They also know, that nobody really knows, what force is behind all this. God. The magic behind all there is.

As soon as religions come into play, human egos come into play: “I know better, you are wrong…” Humans even kill and try to justify their actions by saying “in the name of God”! E.g.o.! E.dge G.od O.ut.

This is a chance to become humble and grateful and remember the gift of life. Discovering and sharing our gifts and talents for the benefit of all. Or continue living in scarcity, full of me, my and mine.

Now we have a chance to surrender. Get out of those mousewheel habits one more time and trust. Realize our miniture size and importance and appreciate our free will, potfntial and influence in order to use them more carefully.

What are your biggest questions, fears, hopes and truly significant dreams? Please dare to Share and inspire others to do the ssme!

World activities slow down. This is a chance.

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Essentially Fun, Personal Development Coach, Published Author, Model, Actress, Improv Artist

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