10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis Part 2

Practicing habit #1 as part of daily life you will help you start feeling differently over time. If you missed it you find it here. In the current situation, there are many questions: How will your business survive? How will you pay your bills? How can you pay your employees? How can you proceed in general during this situation?

Inner peace and redefining your Important-Ugent-Matrix

Especially now, in a state of crisis, staying calm and redefining the Important-Urgent-Matrix is valuable in order to stay focused and concentrated.

Today you can start to do the things you do in or more mindful, meditative way and stay focused and concentrated, no matter what.

Changing the way you do the things you do

Selling vegetables on the street, running a business or teaching children at school; no work, fear to lose your business or too much work? Experiment with today’s exercise:

Habit #2 is about the way you do the things you do. Instead of getting lost in worries, you now first define what is really important and urgent, then, what is important and not urgent and start your chores as follows:

Consciously choose to do the things you do in a kind way

Today, first clarify what is important and what is urgent. Then, start doing what you do in a more conscious, attentive, mindful and kind way. One thing at a time. No multi-tasking.

Are you used to multitasking?

Even if you are used to the habit of dispersing your attention on different directions multi-tasking, today, you can make a conscious decision to start doing everything you do with full concentration and awareness in a kind, attentive way! Be here now with full attention while you do what you do. BTW this exercise is energy efficient.

It starts with brushing your teeth, cooking, cleaning, working in the office, having a meeting or driving to visit your customers: every little action is your meditation today. When you listen, you listen, you don’t prepare an answer while listening. When you clean you clean, you don’t plan ahead nor do you judge if you like cleaning or not. When you plan you plan, you don’t distract with checking emails in between. You put full focus on one activity at a time. The thing you do simultaneously is breathing 🙂

Relax! You don’t need to be good at it. It is good enough to keep practicing day by day and keep practicing.

Please don’t be hard on yourself. Act like a loving mom/dad observing her/his child. When you notice you get off track, you kindly get back on your chore and stay there. When you do a phone call, notice how you talk, the sound of your voice, the speed, your ability to really listen, tension in the body. Just notice and be a little kinder in what you are doing.

Be as kind and loving as you can be right in this moment

Important: Do not judge. Just make a decision to be as kind and loving to yourself and others as you can be. If this seems difficult for you, start by changing your facial expression: for no reason just decide to relax your face, your front, your jaw. Add a little interior smile. Relax your shoulders. Do it as an experiment for your own good and for the people around you. Nobody needs to know. It doesn’t cost extra energy, boosts your mental power and emotional balance.

Yes, the crisis around the virus won’t change directly. And yes, you won’t immediately influence the future of your business. And yes, you will change the very next reality that is in your power: create a small space of kindness within and around you, where you and the people around you can afford to detach from worries and boost their immune system while focusing on what has to be done in a positive way. You are creating a safe environment where yet to know possibilities can appear, grow and be nurtured. After some days or weeks you will experience an energizing flow feeling. The following blogposts will help you strengthen your ability to stay focused and concentrate even more for you to sharpen the saw and polish your inner diamond.

Do you have any comments, helping hints or suggestions for us? Please share!

With Love,


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