10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 4

Be aware of your influence and others influence on you

Everybody notices the tendency of anxiety and negativity in the air as soon as you go out or watch the news. Especially now, being careful and staying positive is necessary to stay resilient. Are you aware of how you “vibrate”? Can you resist negativity? How do you stay positive and strong? Or do you feel too busy and too stressed to take care of such things?

Just like throwing a stone into a lake will cause ripples, your energy creates ripples around you. When someone who is in an intense mood – let’s say enthusiastic or euphoric, it is common, that other people in that room will notice the wave of that feeling. When someone who is intensely angry enters the room, you will probably feel that mood too. Energy works its way, wether you know about it, or consciously decide it, or not. You have a choice though how to deal with it.

2 Minutes to Remember your Power

Today you can dedicate only 2 minutes to contemplate on the energy that is moving within you, how it influences the field around you and what your part is in this play. Sit down in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Feel inside. What emotion do you feel? Anger? Fear? Joy? Sadness? Maybe you feel several emotions.
What is the quality of your thoughts? Is you mind rather focused or all over the place?Is it easy for you to be present or are you?
Are there any tensions in the body? Where? Are you conscious about your own feelings and the impact you have on others just by being?
What is the quality of your breath? Shallow or deep?

Repeat the 2 minute consciously-feeling-your-energy experiment as often as you want in order to train your awareness muscle.

Benefits of the 2-Minutes-Experiment

The stronger your awareness-muscle gets, the more you get to be in your power. If you used to take on the ripples of others, you can now, stay in your own energy, just by deciding to do so. All it takes is being present and more and more aware of these subtle things.

Responsibility and Freedom

When you contemplate on the ripple effect that you have on others and others have on you, you will become aware of your own power, responsibility and choice. What do you want? How important is it for you to influence your co-workers, employees, boss or family in a constructive way? How much do you care about your own health and wellbeing and those of others? Do you feel in your power or helpless and hopeless?
What choices do you have in order to change the way you vibrate? Are you aware of your choices or do you need help?

Your impact on the world

Notice that I am not referring to changing the world around you, but being responsible for yourself and your impact in the world

These 2 minutes can bring a lot of clarity into the very moment. They can also help to be compassionate, first with yourself and with those around you who are not aware of their feelings and the impact they have. You no longer need to be mad at anybody, but take care of yourself, express yourself in a kind tone of voice and responsibly choose to relax your shoulders, breath deeply and get back into a positive vibration.

x x x

You can change the way you think, feel and act – please share with friends and colleagues at risk to get lost in hopelessness!

Loads of Love


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