10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 5

Free Your Energy by Letting go of Resistance

Awareness to feel the way you feel

Habit No 4 was about being conscious about your own vibration, feeling, and ripple-effect you create in the world. Especially now, when everybody is in fear and panic, it is detrimental to stay in your power and not feed the panic. We talked about projections (when we project our own thoughts and emotions onto others or blame them instead of being responsible for ourselves).

Now we investigate how we can choose other stones to throw and create ripples we want to see in the world despite /particularly due to the pandemic.

Emotions and Feelings are moving Energies in the body

Please note: This is not a scientific article but an inspiration to explore and play with new possibilities openly.

In my vocabulary I use the word “feeling” as a temporary sensual feeling in the body that is related to the present moment. E.g. a child runs into your house smiling at you. You feel joy. You wake up in the morning without pain, full of energy and feel joy. You see an drunk person acting aggressively and you feel fear etc.. Those sensations tend to go away, soon after the stimulus is gone. Emotions I refer to as longterm unresolved feelings from the past: e.g. surprisingly intense emotions appear by a relatively small trigger. “Someone pushed your button” means, there has been a button programmed, once upon a time. Emotions tend to be active over a longer period of time. They may be a chance for you to bring some old forgotten story to the surface, that sabotaged your behavior in the past without even being aware of it. Now you can feel what was unsafe to feel at the time and let it go. It takes to become conscious about feelings and emotions to do that.

Thoughts change the way we feel

What was first, the hen or the egg? Wether thoughts create feelings or feelings create thoughts is hard to say. For experimental reasons we make an assumption here: a thought crosses your mind and it creates a sensual response in the body, such as butterflies, belly ache, a tight feeling around the throat. We assume that the sensation doesn’t come from nothing. Sometimes we experience an emotion (some old unresolved feeling that has been triggered) and we create a story or an assumption in the present to “make sense of it”. That kind of thing I call here a “projection”. Meditation and sharing can bring clarity and free us from unconscious patterns that seem to keep us trapped.

Words change the way we feel

Words are powerful. Words can create feelings. Watch your self-talk. Some people can be cruel to themselves (“you idiot”-self-talk). Others talk themselves into believing to be the greatest thing on earth (narcissistic tendencies). It’s the same game. Words are powerful.

Choose kind words

Talks to yourself and treat yourself like you would treat that which you love most in the whole world, like your beloved child (or animal for some). Be aware. Imagine you would be the most loving care-taker of yourself. Spoiling is not the same as loving!

Experiences change the way we feel

Intention in form of a thought or spoken word is powerful. Actions are also super powerful when it comes to changing the way you feel. Here is an action you can practice in order to change the way you feel. Getting yourself into a positive state of mind and feeling, you gain strength, vision and energy. You gain clarity and will-power.

Your new relaxing Experiment to get into your Power

One of the most powerful healthy habits that I experimented with is having is a daily walk for 30-60 minutes preferably in the early morning in nature. There you can start to train your awareness and make your heart beat, fill up and empty lungs and strengthen muscles in a very natural, easy way. You can start with 2 or 3 times a week. If you have only little time, you can practice 10 minutes Walking Meditation – focusing on your own energy field, being here now as you move very consciously. Experiment! Explore for yourself! Make it your personal wellbeing habit! Everybody is different. Get curious what you will discover! All it takes is consistency and moderation.

Here is a 3min video on my story discovering the guru inside while walking in times of serious crisis: A simple and powerful way to feel better

Coaching questions to experiment with:

What action will you take today to change the way you feel?
What frequency would you like to throw out into your environment?
If you would permit yourself to stop thinking about the most urgent problems right now, what would you fill that space with?

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