10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 8

From Thinking to Acting: Work on yourself!

By doing something new, that is good for you, you won’t eliminate your responsibility to take care of your urgent and important problems.

Introducing a new healthy habit helps you to gain clarity, focus and energy to do so.

Simple, Doable, Healthy Habits: Eating more consciously,
Practicing Regular Smooth Physical Exercise,
A brief Morning Meditation Ritual.

Awareness of Unhealthy Habits: Sitting in front of a Computer for hours and hours without break,
Numbing yourself.

Even though most of us are aware of what we can influence directly and what not, it is hard to stay balanced, clear and strong in times of crises. Emotions can overrun intelligence and we keep digging in the same whole even though it is not useful, going around in the same circles.

Accept it, change it or leave it

If you have no hope, vision or energy in a difficult current situation it is human to get lost in self-pity, depression, despair or blame. Sometimes, we need to reach out for help instead of getting stuck or freezing.

What Keeps You From Positive Change?

What does it take for you to spend at least an hour a day with the intention of doing yourself some good by experimenting something new?
What keeps you from doing so?
What thoughts, expectations or feelings sabotage your way?
Yes, you won’t change your external situation immediately. You will learn to get into a more positive internal state, become present here and now and give doubts, fears and worries a break. That’s the benefit. A gap to use your energy in a positive way to nurture your system and gain clarity, focus and direction.

What New Habit Can You Experiment With?

Experiment something new helps to keep mind and heart open and fit to adjust to new situations. You can learn to wake up into a new day without repeating yesterday’s story. Now, during this world-wide incredibly challenging situation, it is a great moment and chance to engage in keeping your body, mind and spirit fresh and strong.

Are you Aware of Your Habits?

Simple actions can get you into a state of being present. Use a break from thinking in order to empty the habitual box-thinking-processor.

Drawing mandalas can help to focus and center. By coloring or painting without expectations of the outcome you can explore how creativity works for you and whether you sabotage the creative process. Hypnotic writing exercises help you explore the space beyond habitual (box-)thinking and see what else is there that you are not aware of yet. Some simple breathing techniques can help you relax, not just physiologically but also the diaphragm.

Explore different types of meditation or yoga to connect with your essence, so you can relax from ego-patterns and enjoy yourself.
Updating the way you do the things you do, helps to stay innovative, creative, overcome fear of change and find joy in the process. E.g. prepare your presentations in a new creative or innovative way.

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, this current crisis can be a chance to reconnect with the body. Try regular walking exercise/meditation for 20 minutes or start slack-lining regularly to train core, focus, physical and mental balance. If you can’t get outside try regular Tai Chi or simple Yoga exercise online. Be amazed how quickly your body, heart-rate and wellbeing will change if you stick to it!

Stay Motivated by Honoring Small Positive Changes

Inspire your neighbor and people who lack motivation to join you!
Drink water with lemon or a healthy shake during coffee-break!
Take a little walk around the block at lunch-break!
Listen to relaxing music!
Honor that you do what you do more consciously and less impulsively!

Pick ONE to start with TODAY! Repeat tomorrow!

What are your coping strategies? Please comment below and share what works for you with others! What healthy changes have you introduced in the last years?

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