10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 10

Better Together in one Direction
By Being Proactive

Most of us are forcefully thrown out the the habitual. Many experience this as a very threatening situation, financially and health-wise. Quick restructuring of processes is needed. People need to come up with new ways of doing their job, working from home or even change jobs. Everything seems even more technical and less human, less interactive.

What Can We Do?

Now is a time where proactivity and creativity is of huge value. Not just to raise turnover, profit and income and lower costs. Now, it is also about “surviving” or simply continue to live in a healthy way.

How can you make a difference? At what place are you?

This 5-Step-System how to be proactive at work by Chrissy Scivicque intends to help becoming proactive. Here is the idea for you to check out if it is for your. Personally, I believe in a good balance of pre-planning and staying agile on the way according to the situation.

1. Predict

First develop foresight.

Learn to anticipate problems and events. Right now, you can’t anticipate how regulations change due to the Virus situation. However, you understand how things work; look for patterns; recognize the regular routines, daily practices and natural cycles that exist in your business. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent.

Anticipate future outcomes by imagining scenarios. The past is not always a valuable predictor for the future. Therefor use creativity and logic. Come up with multiple scenarios for different possibilities. Let others share their perspective and visions.

2. Prevent

Proactive people foresee potential obstacles and exert their power to find ways to overcome them before those obstacles turn into concrete roadblocks. How can this look during times of Covid? New markets, wider range of products and services? Expanding your range abilities to form new cooperations? What is your colleagues view?

3. Plan

Proactive people plan for the future.

Avoid one-step, “here and now” thinking and instead, look ahead and anticipate long-term consequences. What can you do today to ensure success tomorrow? Every decision is a link in a chain of events leading to a possible final conclusion. Mindmaps and cause-and-effect-loops in order to visualize consequences and make the best decision. You have to know where you came from, where you are, and where you want to end up. Include your company and your own values and must-haves in your planning.

4. Participate

Make a contribution

In order to be proactive, you must get involved. You have to take initiative and be a part of the solution. Cooperate. Inspire. See the whole picture, the system. Recognize that you are only a piece of the whole and that you influence—and are influenced by—the actions of others. Don’t simply react to them. Engage with them. Exert your influence and make a contribution.

5. Perform

Focus on effective action.

Be decisive and willing to do the work NOW. Procrastination is not an option. Be responsable for your performance and hold yourself accountable. Stand behind your decisions. Being proactive means you have taken careful, thoughtful steps to choose the appropriate path, planning steps through; you’re not reacting impulsively to your environment.

Let us know your thoughts!

What concrete action steps do you plan to take?

Is room for improvement in your work life?

Is there a gap in your plan or mind-map?

What factors have you been missing to take into consideration in the past?

How else can you engage others to join the planning and creative process?

What tools do you suggest for better cooperation (E.g. new technical tools such as WordPress P2)

What are your tips to co-create an environment that enhances proactivity?

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