10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 9

Help Others

Helping others in times of crisis is powerful. Whatever your talent or resource is, if you can share it with others, not only for personal benefit and not only during crisis, you can appreciate more who you are and what you do. Serving others without getting a personal benefit from it makes you feel rich. If you don’t have much income right now, there are simple ways to serve others and enhance their wellbeing:

Inspire others to join you on a 30-Day-New-Habit Challenge, e.g. going for daily walks, Cook a meal for them.
Invite them to eat more consciously with you (go to last post)
Offer a massage.
Offer to spend time together. Take time to listen without agenda.
Open up yourself, show your vulnerability, share you thoughts and feelings and invite them to do so too.
Offer kind words and kind actions for people in need.

How to Help Others in the Professional Environment

We used to think, we don’t have time for “happiness at work” or relating in a kind way with colleagues during work. The latest lockdown situation has shown how important human interaction is, also at work.

Small Things you can do

Ask for your co-workers’ current situation, both, what’s new, positive and what challenges.
Ask what they wish to change, what could be changed, and what ideas they have.
Listen from the heart without prejudice and judgement. People feel wether you really mean what you say or if you have a hidden agenda.
Dare to ask for help as well and give them the opportunity to apply their talents and resources. Share your problems, thoughts and feelings, needs and wishes concerning work during breaks.
Ask them to join you introducing more healthy lunch breaks and get committed.
Notice when others are stressed and offer help or at least a kind word.
Be practical: suggest innovative ways to better work processes or brief meetings to discuss possibilities. Be proactive. Inspire.
Dare to share your view, learn to give constructive feedback and coaching.
Make work connections more human behave honest and kind yourself.
Include human interaction as a value in your personal work ethics.

Contributing to other people’s well-being without getting anything in exchange makes you feel rich and healthy. I believe everybody has the resource and ability to improve their own and other’s experience of life. It is a question of making it a point, wanting and deciding to do so.

And even though you don’t expect anything, you do get something in return: a deep sense of connectedness and purpose.

Thanks for staying tuned in and sharing your gifts with the world!


Clarity. Focus. Direction

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