Don’t change your Self!

Sounds obvious, yet many don’t seem to get it:

“YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THE HEAD FROM THE BODY”. I heard myself say during walks in nature with Coaching clients. Sounds ridiculous. Of cause you can cut of the head from the body. But people don’t seem to be aware of physical laws, that exist beyond biology: Every quality of thought has a quality of physical response in the body. Physics. Energy, waves and frequencies.

YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THE WORLD YOU SEE FROM THE LENSES YOU LOOK THROUGH, or PROGRAMS we run automatically, according to genes, past social conditioning and experiences. Normal.

I wrote 3 books now, out of the urge to share what I had learned. In one of them I share my own story and how I (kind of logically) managed to create a false, limiting image of myself, according to the information available at the time. The idea was, that readers can check out their own stories, realize that their idea of themselves, others and the world is also based on many assumptions, probably lies (often used hoping to protect others) and misconceptions.

Obviously, it is not that easy to see your own blind spots. “Why am I acting the way I am, what is wrong with me”, I hear people say.

“How can I make sure to see my blindspots?

Life throws situations towards us and we react in a certain way or we consciously respond. The thinking mind tries to control the situation to keep us safe – that’s the idea. But we stay trapped in unconscious behavior (thinking, feeling and reactive habits), unfree and kind of reproduce our own problems. To switch from reacting unconsciously to responding consciously is work. It takes consciously FEELING what you feel and being ok with it. It most probably takes feeling uncomfortable, an indicator that you are leaving your so-called “comfort zone ” (which kept you trapped) and being ok with this state of discomfort. Like a growth pain, it hurts to grow beyond a limitation, like a sore muscle, probably worse.

Unfortunately, writing books doesn’t mean that I know and know how to apply it all at all! The more I know the more I realize how little I know. And that helps to accept that things don’t go the way you want, no matter how “hard” you try or how “good” you are. Each major “set back” turns out to be a major “set free”. Forgiveness is part of the lesson. Forgiving doesn’t mean to be ok with what was not ok. It means to let it go.

What about you? Does that ring a bell?

DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOURSELF! Your nature is unique. You are the way you are for a reason. And even if you think it was an accident, haha, there is no doubt that you are unique. What is not so unique is the fact that you too, probably copied what you saw and do or (insist not to do under no circumstances) what you were told as a small child, just like everyone else. This is how we carry on old memories and habits from generation to generation collectively, no matter in which culture you grow up. Plus, we are convinced that we “function” solely on the basis of genes just like our ancestors. An excuse to change habits?

We CAN change the way we think, feel and act when this is no longer helpful, if we DECIDE to do so, if we WANT to do so. We just need a good enough reason to motivate for the effort to go through the pain of letting go what we thought would keep us safe. Motivation such as some kind of suffering, major curiosity what else is possible or a probing unmet need to express your Self in the world.

Don’t follow me! ***
Follow your SELF your inner voice, that which you can only listen to, when the mind is silent
without thinking
without distraction
without obnubilating or clouding with substances

Silence is required to hear or feel intuition – what is really going on, without assumptions – the energy of the truth.

My job is to inspire you to transcend the IDEA of identifying with those programs that run your system. How can you transcend that which is mostly unconscious?

CHANGE HABITS! Start with the “small stuff”, clear out useless habits that keep you from freeing yourself…. You know what I mean…. NO, it may not be easy but it is simple. Life sends “invitations” in form of crisis, pains or suffering. Learning opportunities. Openings for new possibilities. Changes to let go of the old program and dare to look deeper, beyond that which you know. Possibly scary stuff. Who wants to accept discomfort and “ugly” feelings? Well, e.g. those who are tired of the mouse wheel syndrome. Those who are more curious than afraid. Those who are willing to bring in the work it takes to create a new way of doing what you do. Those who are willing to face their (addictive?) patterns and what they are really looking for.

The POWER OF EACH AND EVERYBODY is that we can reflect on ourselves and CHANGE OUR OWN THOUGHTWARE, feelings and actions. It takes awareness to do so.

No need to become a yogini, or start a new religion. The awareness muscle needs some form of ritual though… Awareness is not the same as thinking. Practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Walking Meditation are helpful. There are many ways. Everybody makes their own way.

You can choose the ripples you create

We are not machines. We are sentient beings.
We can change the world by purifying our own lenses, our own thoughts, feelings and actions, the way we respond to the world, the quality of ripples we create. No longer denying parts of ourselves. No longer hiding in addictive behavior hoping we cane space the feelings that keep us trapped. No longer copying what is not ours, hoping this would give us what we want most….


More curious than afraid?
Feel free to follow my blogposts and share with a friend.
Make up your own mind!


For staying tuned in.
For sharing your gifts!
For sharing!

Clarity. Focus. Direction

The Walking Guru

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